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If you or a loved one were hit by a motor vehicle and want to seek damages, we can help you.

Aggressive and careless driving are rampant on New York roadways, causing a spate of accidents with a high human cost. Being hit by a motor vehicle is traumatizing in its own right, and the resulting cycle of hospital visits, chronic pain, physical limitations, and mental anguish may never subside.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a motor vehicle, our team of pedestrian accident lawyers in Bay Shore, NY, will handle your legal needs. Call Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. today at (631) 451-7900 for a free consultation.

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You Have a Right to Safety as a Pedestrian

New York law holds all motorists to a standard of due care meant to protect other motorists as well as pedestrians. New York law specifically states that ”every driver of a vehicle shall exercise due care to avoid colliding with any bicyclist, pedestrian, or domestic animal upon any roadway and shall give warning by sounding the horn when necessary.” The wording is clear as day: motorists who collide with a pedestrian can and should be held liable when they are determined to be at fault.

You may be wondering if you or a loved one qualify as a pedestrian. The New York Vehicle  and Traffic Law §130 defines pedestrians as ”any person afoot or in a wheelchair.”

There are additional circumstances and cases that may qualify you or a loved one as a pedestrian who may be entitled to recover damages. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Bay Shore, NY, can help you understand the specifics of your case, so do not wait to call our team of trusted attorneys today.

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You May Be Entitled to Damages as the Victim of a Pedestrian Accident

Though the specifics of your case will make the final determination, you may be entitled to damages covering:

  • Past and ongoing medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other costs resulting from your accident

There may be other considerations that entitle you to additional financial recovery as well. Speak to a pedestrian accident lawyer in Bay Shore, NY, to find out more about the potential damages to which you may be entitled.

We Take Care of Our Clients in the Aftermath of an Accident

We know what it means to be the victim of a pedestrian accident. Your hardship can be all-encompassing, taking a toll on your mental, physical, and financial health. You do not need to face this situation alone.

As pedestrian accident lawyers in Bay Shore, NY, we know how to best pursue damages based on the specifics of your case. Our first concern is your comfort and state of mind, so we will begin our guidance by:

  • Meeting with you in your hospital room to ensure no time is wasted
  • Helping you understand the basics of the legal process
  • Answering any questions or concerns you may have

Once we have established a familiarity, we can begin handling the more taxing, time-consuming legal details. Our attorneys will:

  • Speak with your doctors to understand the full extent of your injuries, both physical and mental
  • File a claim with the liable party’s insurance company
  • Review the specifics of your case, including police reports and any photo or video evidence
  • Meet with witnesses to gather statements of how your injury occurred, and who is at fault
  • Complete any legal paperwork, filing processes and correspondence with the liable party’s representatives, including their attorneys and insurance carrier
  • Counsel you from the initial hospital visit until a settlement or judgment is reached

Victims should know that we are here to help and that you are certainly not alone. Do not hesitate to contact our team at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. today at (631) 451-7900 for a free consultation.

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Do Not Wait to Contact Our Team

Those who wait to contact a pedestrian accident lawyer in Bay Shore, NY, may find themselves personally responsible for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. That is because the state of New York puts a time limit on the ability to bring legal action in the wake of a pedestrian accident.

In cases where a pedestrian is struck by a motorist, statutes of limitations state that the victim generally has three years from the date of the incident to initiate legal action. There are exceptions to this rule, so do not assume that your case is not eligible to bring to trial. If your loved one was struck and killed as a pedestrian, the window to pursue damages is even thinner—wrongful death claims like these must generally be filed within two years of the incident. These windows of time can be significantly shortened in certain situations. So do not delay – call us today.

We Assist in Wrongful Death Cases

On average, a pedestrian was killed every 88 minutes as a result of traffic accidents in 2017, according to the NHTSA. There is no way to reconcile these troubling statistics, but if these tragic circumstances are impacting your own family, you can reach out for help.

Our team of attorneys has tried many wrongful death cases that arose from pedestrian accidents. We will lift the legal burden from your shoulders so that you can focus completely on what matters most. Call our team at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. today at (631) 451-7900 for a cost-free discussion about your case. We are here to help you.

Our attorneys will also assist Spanish-speaking clients.


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