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You may not know you can sue for a dog bite injury. We can help you hold the negligent owner responsible.

If you or your loved one was injured by a dog bite, you could be entitled to compensation for the injuries. A dog bite injury lawyer from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. serving East Hampton can help you fight for compensation. We can represent you and protect your rights in your claim or lawsuit.

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The Compensation You May Be Eligible to Receive

If you or a loved one was bitten by another person’s dog, you could be eligible for compensation for the damages and injuries received. In New York, you could be compensated for the following if you were bit by a dangerous dog:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future medical expenses
  • Loss of wages

Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. can help you evaluate your losses and identify which damages you can request compensation for.

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New York Dog Bite Laws

When a person owns a dog, they are responsible for making sure their dog does not put other people at risk of serious injury or death. If the owner, either through act or omission, allows their dog to injure another person, they may be held responsible in a trial. You should not have to pay for the damage done to you.

According to AGM §123, a dog is considered dangerous in the state of New York if:

  • The dog causes injury or death to a person without being provoked;
  • The dog is known to be vicious, proven by previous injury or death to a person; or
  • The dog caused injury or death to a domestic animal or farm animal without being provoked.

In New York, in order to recover damages for a dog attack, you must prove the dog displayed prior vicious propensities. If you are unsure if the dog had prior vicious propensities or was considered dangerous, a dog bite injury lawyer from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. serving East Hampton can assist you in determining what you are eligible for in terms of compensation.

Services We Provide

Our team at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. is here to walk you through the legal process after you have suffered a dog bite injury. Some of our services include:

  • Gathering evidence for your claim
  • Communicating with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Explaining the legal process
  • Interpreting legal jargon
  • Determining the value of your damages
  • Identify who is liable
  • Filing a claim
  • Representing you on trial, if necessary

You should be able to take the time to recover from your injuries without the added stress of fighting for compensation. Our team can take this stress off of your shoulders so that you have the time you need to heal.

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Common Injuries From Dog Bites

Dog bite injuries can range from minor injuries to life-threatening. The severity of a dog bite is dependent on a few factors, including the type of dog, the size of the dog, and the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible after your dog bite to document your injuries and receive treatment.

Some common injuries caused by dog bites include:


Lacerations are deep wounds that can be caused by dog bites. These types of wounds are at risk of infection as well as severe scarring.


Abrasions are common injuries as a result of a dog bite. Unlike lacerations, abrasions do not go past the skin. Abrasions may seem minor, but they can easily result in an infection or scarring. Any time the skin is broken, you are susceptible to infections or even rabies.


If you are bitten by a dog and your skin breaks, you may be vulnerable to infections. Infections can come from the bacteria from the dog’s mouth, bacteria on your skin, or bacteria you are exposed to while your wound is healing. Infections can lead to extensive medical treatment and possibly even more scarring.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can result from a dog bite depending on the placement and severity of the bite. If a dog bite is deep enough, it could cause temporary or permanent nerve damage.


The amount of scarring a person has is often dependent on the severity of their wound. While some scarring is purely cosmetic, a severe build-up of scar tissue could result in other health issues.


While dog owners are required to stay up to date on their dog’s rabies vaccinations, not all dog owners are responsible. A dog bite could result in rabies if the dog is not up to date on its vaccinations. Symptoms of rabies include confusion, aggression, muscle spasms, and light sensitivity. If treated early enough, rabies can be prevented after a dog bite.


An avulsion is a profoundly serious injury caused by a dog bite. An avulsion is when part of your skin or body is ripped away. If a dog rips away skin or tissue, extensive treatment and possibly even surgery may be needed.

How Our Team Can Help You Fight for Compensation

If you have been injured by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation to cover the cost of your medical bills or more. A dog bite injury lawyer from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. serving East Hampton can investigate your dog bite injury to determine what options you have available to you.

If we are unable to get you compensation for your injuries, our service is free to you. We do not get paid until you do.

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