How to Find the Best Accident Lawyer on Long Island

A personal injury accident such as a slip and fall or car accident can happen when you least expect it. It can be impossible to prepare for a serious personal injury but you can take control once the worst has happened. Finding the best accident lawyer on Long Island can help you strengthen your case… read more

What Are Compensatory Damages?

The plaintiff in a civil lawsuit can generally receive two main types of damages: punitive damages that punish a defendant’s wrongdoing or intentional tort, and compensatory damages that seek to make the victim “whole” again after an accident caused by negligence. Every state has different laws concerning punitive damages, limits on such damages, and the… read more

What Are Toxic Torts?

Toxic torts are a special element of personal injury law that involves injuries caused by exposure to toxic substances. While some personal injury cases involving things like car accidents are fairly straightforward, toxic tort cases can be some of the most complex civil claims and require skilled representation by a Nassau County personal injury attorney…. read more

Who Is at Fault in a Rear End Collision?

Most drivers operate under the assumption that any driver who causes a rear-end collision with another driver is automatically at fault for the accident. Generally, this is true because drivers have a duty of care to prevent accidents with drivers in front of them. This means allowing ample space to come to a stop in… read more

Who Is at Fault in a Parking Lot Accident?

Car accidents occur in parking lots every day. Most parking lot accidents happen at low speeds and typically don’t cause significant damages. However, determining fault for these incidents can be very tricky. In many parking lots, it can be difficult for drivers to tell who has the right of way, and this is an important… read more

Types of Brain Injuries

An estimated 1.5 million Americans suffer some sort of brain injury each year, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). They also report that every day 153 people are dying from injuries that include a traumatic brain injury. Some of the most common causes are car accidents, falls, and firearms. The range of severity… read more

What Is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is the most common tool used by clinicians to objectively gauge a patient’s level of consciousness following a traumatic brain injury. By use of a scoring system, it is a simple and reliable way to initially assess and keep record of his or her conscious state. How Does the Glasgow… read more

Snow Removal Deaths

The blizzard of 2018 has claimed two lives from snow removal on Long Island.  According to News 12, both men were in their mid-50s.  Although specifics are not clear, Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone wants residents to remain cautious of the weather conditions today after two men died removing snow from their properties. Other deaths have… read more

FDA Issues Recall on Heart Device

According to CNBC, recent article – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall on Tuesday regarding a heart device made by Johnson & Johnson, claiming a faulty valve: About 110 heart devices made and distributed by a unit of Johnson & Johnson between Jan. 1 and May 5 are a part of the Class… read more

Dangers of Winter Are Near

PREPARING FOR WINTER WEATHER HAZARDS Winter is by far the most dangerous season for New Yorkers. Snow, ice, and deep freezing temperatures cause hazardous conditions for pedestrians and drivers, increasing the risk of weather-related accidents on sidewalks and roads. Preparing your family to react accordingly to severe weather conditions is extremely helpful in preventing injuries… read more

2017 Dangerous Toys to Avoid

W.A.T.C.H. Reveals Nominees for “10 Worst Toys” For 2017 Holiday Season 45th Annual Report Cautions Parents:  A press release was distributed earlier this month with the following information: World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) revealed its nominees for the “10 Worst Toys of 2017” and demonstrated why the “Wonder Woman Battle Sword,” “Spiderman Spider-Drone,” and other… read more

Latest Holiday Scams to Watch Out For!

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without an influx of clever shopping scams to watch out for! Over the years, online shopping has become the number one method of gift purchasing for the holidays. Unfortunately, this also means an increase in online thieves looking to scam their way into gifts and money at your expense…. read more

LI Road Rated Most Dangerous Road in NY

Many people who live in the Tri-State area believe that the area’s most dangerous roads sit within the NY Metro areas, such as Manhattan, Queens and the other boroughs.  However, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign confirms that Long Island’s roads top the list of the most dangerous roads.  Most of these roadways are State or County… read more

Don’t Let Thanksgiving Be Deadly

Thanksgiving is one of the most congested travel days of the entire year. Unless you are able to leave well in advance for the holiday, you’re bound to run into an accident or two on the road. Unfortunately, with an increase in distracted drivers rushing off to Turkey Day celebrations, Thanksgiving is also one of… read more

Not all Hospitals are as Safe as Others

When you or a family member require emergency medical care, it’s common to seek services at the closest hospital in your community. After all, hospitals have a reputation for sustaining sterile environments and promoting healthy recoveries. If a medical facility is open in your area, how bad could it be? A recent grading list of… read more

The Dangers of Turning the Clocks Back

On Sunday, November 5th, the clocks turn back acknowledging the end of daylight savings. Returning to standard time for most is a moment to celebrate, with one more hour to sleep-in before starting the day! But not everyone is so thrilled with the clocks changing. Especially those involved in the increase of vehicle accidents that… read more


Halloween is well known for spooky houses, clever costumes, and scouring the streets in search of tasty treats. Unfortunately, this holiday is also known for acquiring the title as one of the deadliest holidays of them all, especially for children. On Halloween…  … the death rate for children is doubled compared to any other day… read more

Manufacturers Dramatically Changing Driver’s Reactions

Latest Advanced Safety Technologies in New Cars Reliable safety features are non-negotiable for most consumers in the market for buying a car. Taking a look at the statistics on vehicle accidents from 2015, it’s no question as to why: 6,296,000 motor vehicle accidents were reported by police 35,092 of these were fatalities, and 2,443,00 resulted… read more

Social Media Can Sink Your Personal Injury Case

Updating your status on Facebook, posting photos on Instagram and Snapchat, Americans are spending approximately five hours a day on mobile devices, according to Flurry, an analytics firm. When Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank based in Washington, D.C., began tracking social media adoption in 2005, just five percent of American adults used… read more

Hands-Free Devices are Equally Distracting

Ever since smartphones hit the market, distracted driving-related accidents have skyrocketed. Distracted driving fatalities in 2015 alone were over 3,000 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The initial idea that phones were only distracting when held sparked the manufacturing of hands-free cell phone devices. The intention was to decrease eyes on the… read more

Correct Car Seats Save Lives

Kyle David Miller was three-years-old when he was killed in a collision with an impaired driver who ran a stop light and hit his family’s minivan. His mom Christine believes his death was preventable had he been in a five-point harness car seat instead of a booster seat as he was thrown through the window… read more

Keeping Your Children Safe on School Buses

Keeping Your Children Safe on School Buses Seventeen third-graders were taken to a hospital with minor injuries after a crash involving two school buses that were headed on a class trip to upstate New York in June. Last year, eight were injured when a school bus with special needs students crashed and tipped over on… read more

College Campus Risks

The stories are all-too familiar. A 19-year-old Pennsylvania State University sophomore dies after participating in a hazing ritual at the Beta Theta Pi house.  In another incident, an 18-year-old Baruch College freshman dies in a 2013 fraternity initiation. Hazing deaths have also occurred at Fresno State, Northern Illinois University, and other colleges. In fact, since 1970,… read more

Solar Eclipse on Long Island…How Much Will You Really See?

A full solar eclipse is coming to the United States on Monday, August 21, 2017. Though it will only be a PARTIAL eclipse for Long Island.  We won’t be seeing the full obscuration the way that some other parts of the country will, more than 70 percent of the sun will be obscured by the… read more