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What Can You Do After You’ve Been in a Car Accident?

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What Can You Do After You’ve Been In A Car Accident

Experiencing a car accident can be one of the most disorienting and frightening events in a person’s life. You may suffer from shock, sustain injuries, and can’t remember critical information or take essential steps to protect your rights. While you may make mistakes at a car accident scene, most of them are fixable. Once you […]

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What Can a Lawyer Do For You After a Car Accident?

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You cannot drive on a highway without seeing numerous advertisements for lawyers telling you how they can help you after a car accident. The lawyer says they can get you a top dollar or help you recover financially for your car accident injuries. This is not just advertising trying to get you to call the […]

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What Happens in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

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In a car accident case, you may start with your end goal of getting a check for your injuries and work backward from there. In any car accident case, you can reach the same result through numerous. The one constant in all of these cases is that you must work hard to get full compensation […]

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What Is the Most Dangerous Road in Long Island?

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There is always a risk of getting into a car accident when driving in a crowded city, t. However, some roads are worse than others, which is the case with the Hempstead Turnpike on Long Island.  State Route 24 highway runs from the eastern part of Queens to Farmingdale. Its 16 miles runs through several […]

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How Much Is Pain and Suffering for a Car Accident?

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Pain and Suffering for a Car Accident

When someone suffers an injury in a car accident, they often do not understand their rights to collect compensation. The fact is that while many people can collect compensation for the injury they suffered, as well as the damage to their vehicle, often, their pain and suffering go uncompensated. Because each accident is different, and […]

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What Happens After a Deposition in a Car Accident Case?

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Car Accident Lawyer in Long Island, New York area

A deposition is a proceeding during which the attorneys will ask you a series of questions about the car accident. Once the deposition is complete, the court reporter will prepare a transcript for review by both sides. Your lawyer will evaluate the transcript to determine the next steps in your case. These next steps can […]

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Car Driver Fatigue

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Car Accident Lawyer in Long Island, New York area

Someday, motorists will be able to put their destination into their car’s GPS, then doze off on the way there. That’s not the case for today’s drivers, however. They must remain alert and awake behind the wheel or else they could cause serious accidents.  When a driver operates a vehicle while fatigued, they risk endangering […]

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What Happens if You Get Into a Car Accident Without Insurance in New York?

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Car Accident Lawyer in Long Island, New York area

If you get into a car accident without insurance in New York, you may face penalties, such as having to pay fines or facing driver’s license suspension. Vehicle owners in New York are required to carry no-fault insurance. If you were injured in an accident with an uninsured driver, you can use your insurance policy […]

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