Road Safety

Red Light Camera Report Results in More Questions than Answers

Suffolk County’s Red Light program, a safety agenda focused on changing driver behavior at red light intersections using automated enforcement, recently released its annual report that has resulted in more questions than answers. The 2015 Red Light Safety Program Annual Report, the most recent report to date, shows that a total of $31 million in… read more

Driver Under the Influence, but DUI Test Scores “Zero”

Famed golfer Tiger Woods was arrested on Memorial Day near his home on Jupiter Island, FL, for driving under the influence. It is alleged that police found him asleep at the steering wheel of a running vehicle and arrested him because his speech was slurred and he couldn’t complete some police-instructed roadside tasks. Sound like… read more

Scholarship Setup to Help Combat Distracted Driving

“Keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel,” is more than just a catchy lyric in The Doors song, “Roadhouse Blues.” It is solid advice. Any moment your eyes are off the road or your hands are off the wheel, you put yourself in a dangerous driving situation. Even sending a quick… read more

Study Finds 14 Deficient Bridges on Long Island

According to an article recently published in Patchogue Patch, written by Paige McAtee  it identified 14 bridges on Long Island that were deemed structurally deficient based on the State transportation departments report that has identified 56,000 structurally deficient U.S. bridges overall. According to the report quoted within the article: Of the 17,462 bridges in New York,… read more