Dangerous and Defective Products

Products Liability Attorney-Dangerous or Defective Products

Manufacturers can be held liable for manufacturing defects, improper labeling and dangerous products. Even if a toy, drug, car or appliance manufacturer complies with all safety and advertising requirements, it can still be held liable for injuries that result from the use of its product. Here, an issue of foreseeability may create liability for a product maker: if the labeling, design or production of a product exposes consumers to certain risks and dangers that a reasonable person could foresee, manufacturers have a duty of care to remove or minimize these dangers. For this reason, negligence and product liability need not involve products that break or malfunction; rather, negligence may be a function of exposing consumers to risks they should never have been exposed to in the first place.

Black Box Labeling and Dangerous Drugs

Drug manufacturers can be held financially liable for injuries caused by their products. Even if the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t recall a drug, it may give the drug a “black box warning” label. A black box warning label is the most serious warning the FDA can issue and is reserved for drugs that carry significant risk or have the potential to cause serious side effects. Even if you are taking medicine that your doctor prescribed with a black box warning label, you can still hold the pharmaceutical manufacturer liable for any injuries you experience as a result.

There is a large list of dangerous drugs and the list keeps growing. If you or a family member has suffered serious medical complications due to the use of a dangerous drug, it’s important to contact an experienced products liability attorney to learn about the legal options available to you.

Car Design Flaws and Defective Parts

Problems associated with Toyota’s braking system on some of its cars resulted in unwanted attention for the carmaker. While Toyota is only the most recent auto manufacturer to have problems with design and manufacturing flaws in its vehicles, there are recalls of cars regularly. Even when a recall isn’t issued, there may be problems with a car’s design that make it dangerous.

For example, the center of gravity is higher in SUVs, making them more prone to roll over in certain situations. Without a stronger frame or rollover bars, an SUV is more susceptible to roof crush, leading to serious head trauma and spinal cord injuries. Even if a car manufacturer claims its SUV complies with all safety regulations, the manufacturer can still be held liable if it can be shown that the carmaker ignored known safety concerns in the testing and design of the car.

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It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to claim a consumer used a product incorrectly or failed to follow instructions when using a product. As a result, dangerous products cases often involve technical and scientific issues. That’s why our products liability lawyers work with design engineers, chemists, physicists, electricians, safety experts and other professionals as needed when preparing and presenting our cases.

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