Dealing with the Aftermath of Severe Burn Injuries

Some of the worst injuries that a person can suffer and survive are serious burns caused by fire, explosion or chemical exposure. People who need legal advice about their right to compensation for severe burns will also usually need practical advice and support throughout the period of treatment and convalescence.

At Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP, our attorneys work closely with burn victims and their families to help them through the ordeal of recovering from their injuries while working to recover as much as possible on their legal claims. Our experience with severe and catastrophic accident claims of all kinds can help you get through your accident.

Holding All Responsible Parties Accountable in Burn Injury Cases

Proof of liability in a burn case can be complicated. For example, in a motor vehicle accident case, it might not be enough to prove the other driver’s negligence, especially if the policy limits are too low to cover the expenses of repeated rounds of surgery and extended therapy. Our lawyers therefore work with industrial engineers and automotive designers to see whether a claim for defective design of the gas tank or fuel system can expand the resources available to cover your needs.

We also investigate and litigate burn injury cases involving household appliances, industrial machinery and equipment, or exposure to caustic chemicals. While developing the case for liability and damages against one or more accountable defendants, we also work closely with each client family to make sure that your current needs are being met.

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