Driver Inattention, Following Too Closely, & Truck Accidents

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In 2009, of the 9,828 truck accidents reported by police in New York, the two most common causes of truck accidents were driver inattention and following too closely. In fact, of the 9,828 truck accidents reported, 1,830 involved driver inattention while 1,251 involved following too closely. Interestingly enough, failure to yield the right of way accounted for 1,140, the third largest cause of truck accidents in New York. Although not all of these truck accidents resulted in personal injury, many of them did: driver inattention resulted in 650, following too closely in 577, and failure to yield the right of way in 488. What do these numbers tell us?

Truck Accidents, Driver Training, and Human Errors

First, in 2009 – on average – these three causes of truck accidents alone accounted for roughly 12 truck accidents a day in New York State. Ignoring fatalities, they also accounted for roughly 5 injury accidents a day. Second, each of the three most common causes of truck accidents are due to negligent driving or human error. This raises questions regarding driver training and, in the case of following too closely, pushing deadlines and speeding in order to deliver freight on time.

When one includes the fourth, fifth, and sixth most common causes of truck accidents – improper lane passing, unsafe lane changing, and unsafe speed respectively – these concerns are more apparent. Third, the most common cause – driver inattention – suggests a complete breakdown in attention and focus on the part of truck drivers. The question here is, why? Are cell phones or texting involved? Eating while driving? Driver fatigue?

Investigating Truck Accidents – Uncovering what Happened

It’s no secret that trucking companies train drivers in what to say and do after an accident. As a result, it’s not likely a truck driver will admit to having caused an accident due to texting, tailgating, or changing lanes without first making sure no one was driving in his truck’s blind spots. Consequently, it’s important to investigate the circumstances surrounding a truck accident and expose negligence on the part of the truck driver that hit you.

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