Establishing Liability on Appeal – Grossi v. Sylak

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We represented a client who was injured in an auto accident when a car slid on the ice and impacted our client’s car. After exchanging insurance information, our client then slipped on the ice, suffering injuries as a result. Initially, the Supreme Court, Suffolk County, agreed to a summary judgment, dismissing our client’s complaint seeking compensation for injuries suffered as a result of slipping on ice.

Our attorneys reviewed the facts and legal issues involved in the Supreme Court’s decision and prepared an appeal on behalf of our injured client. The Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division Second Judicial Department, reversed the earlier decision in favor of a summary judgment to dismiss our client’s case.

Here, the Supreme Court of New York found there was no reason of fact to think our client’s injury weren’t causally related to the initial accident. Had the defendant not hit our client’s car, our client would not have had to leave their vehicle. The Court found in favor of our client, reversing the earlier Court’s decision in favor of summary judgment to dismiss our client’s complaint.

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