Not all Hospitals are as Safe as Others

When you or a family member require emergency medical care, it’s common to seek services at the closest hospital in your community. After all, hospitals have a reputation for sustaining sterile environments and promoting healthy recoveries. If a medical facility is open in your area, how bad could it be? A recent grading list of hospitals in the Long Island area revealed the shocking truth- not all hospitals are as safe as others.

This fall, Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade published safety ratings for all active medical facilities in Long Island. Leapfrog is a nonprofit public service organization dedicated to holding the U.S. health system accountable for providing safe, quality medical care. The Leapfrog system has become the ‘gold standard’ in measuring patient care, referred to in multiple major publications over the years.

Leapfrog’s grading system assigns each hospital a grade from A-F, evaluating five overall factors of hospital safety practices:

  1. Infections
  2. Problems with Surgery
  3. Practices to Prevent Errors
  4. Safety Problems
  5. Doctors, Nurses & Staff

Out of the 23 facilities on Long Island, there were luckily none that received an F rating. However, only one hospital was awarded an A, while three received D ratings- yikes!

We’ve all been warned at times to take third-party and public reviews with a grain of salt. But with medical errors ranking as the third leading cause of death in America, patients expect no less than complete transparency and quality services when it comes to their health care.  

By evaluating hospitals and medical centers with a grading system, safety ratings have notably been on the rise,  showing multiple areas of improvement in patient safety since the grading system first appeared in 2012. Leapfrog prioritizes releasing grades twice annually to keep patients updated and informed when choosing where to seek their medical treatment.

For information on the Long Island hospital nearest to you, Great Neck Patch has comprised an excellent list of Leapfrog rated hospitals for you to explore:





Choosing your medical care based on credible research rather than proximity could be a matter of life and death. If you or someone you love has been a victim of medical negligence, learn your rights by calling Rosenberg & Gluck, Long Island personal injury attorneys.