Taxotere Lawsuit Lawyer

Taxotere is an intravenous chemotherapy medicine used to treat several types of cancer, including breast cancer, some lung cancers, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer. Like many chemotherapy treatments, the drug may result in temporary hair loss, but it may also cause permanent hair loss. Now, the manufacturer of Taxotere, Sanofi, is under investigation. The company may have known about the risks of permanent alopecia, but failed to warn patients of the possibility.

Failure to adequately warn users of the side effects and risks of taking a drug is grounds for a lawsuit. By coming forward, you can hold the manufacturer accountable for unethical activities, secure fair compensation for your loss, and help other victims find justice. If you experience permanent hair loss or another serious side effect without proper warning, please reach out to the team offering nationwide Taxotere legal services at Rosenberg & Gluck LLP today.

Recent Developments in Taxotere Labeling

As of December 2015, the FDA requires all Taxotere documentation to properly warn patients about the drug’s risk of permanent hair loss. If you suffered permanent hair loss after this date, our team will explore your case and determine if you were adequately warned at the time you started receiving treatments.

Understanding Chemotherapy Side Effects

Patients typically associate many chemotherapy treatments with harsh side effects. All chemotherapy drugs are powerful and may affect every part of the body, including healthy tissues. Some of the most common side effects patients experience include temporary hair loss, fatigue, rash, nausea, and fever. Although there is an understandable level of risk that patients accept before they begin treatments, any unlisted or inadequately described side effect is not acceptable.

Taxotere in particular is part of a class of medications derived from plants. The medicine targets specific cells during certain parts of their cell cycle. Rapid cell division is the hallmark of cancer, and targeting cells before, during, and after the division process leads to cell death, and the reduction or elimination of the cancerous cells. Many chemotherapy treatments work in a similar manner, and all have varying degrees of side effects.

The Effects of Permanent Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Temporary hair loss is undesirable, but manageable. Permanent hair loss, on the other hand, can have devastating emotional consequences. Those who lose all or part of their hair may suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues associated with cancer treatment. For women and men, the realization alone is an unintended consequence that seriously affects quality of life. Faced with the reality of wearing hair pieces or undergoing painful and expensive hair regrowth therapies can worsen the aftereffects of the loss.

If you suffer from permanent hair loss that you weren’t prepared for, you have the right to pursue action against those responsible. You shouldn’t have to feel as if you’re battling cancer long after you’ve gone into remission.

Finding a Taxotere Attorney You Can Trust

At Rosenberg & Gluck LLP, we accept all medication injury cases on a contingency fee basis. We accept payment only if we secure compensation for you. A qualified attorney will explore the facts of your case with you and help you determine the right course of action. We accept cases from clients all over the United States. While many Taxotere cases are similar, each requires a different approach. Our firm has the resources, expertise, and support you need to succeed.

After battling cancer, you deserve unyielding support as you get back to your life. Whether you’ve had trouble going back to work because of your loss or you want to pursue further treatments to address your hair loss, we’re ready to fight for your rights. For a free consultation with no obligation, contact our office or request an evaluation using our online form. Allow us to make your recovery process a little easier.