Will Car Accidents Become a Thing of the Past?

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP
Considering years of science fiction stories and Hollywood productions where automated cars were commonplace and given current technological advances, how soon can we expect fully computerized, self-driving cars to frequent our roadways?
Google and Stanford University Professor Sebastian Thrun working with a team of engineers have developed automated Toyota Prius prototype vehicles that operate through onboard computers. The onboard computers enable the cars to detect terrain, detours, traffic lights, road signs, traffic, and follow roadmaps. Through interfaces with lasers, radar, and cameras, the computers instantly process information to avoid accidents and provide safe rides.
According to a NY Times December 5, 2011 article, the prototypes have driven safely for close to 200,000 miles in California and Nevada, wherever regular cars travel. The fact that Nevada has passed a texting while driving ban that excluded self-driven cars may be an indication of how soon automated vehicles are in our future.

A legal perspective for now

Self-driving cars may indeed make auto accidents a thing of the past. However today, car accidents remain the most common type of injury claim filed by people seeking damages because of another’s negligence. Accident reconstruction is the principal technology used by Suffolk County car accident attorneys for determining accident causes and identifying liable parties. In intricate cases, multiple parties and their insurance companies complicate the process of obtaining compensation. An experienced car accident lawyer can cut through the red tape and help protect a victim’s rights.