will wearable computers be another device that contributes to distracted driving

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP

While the new wearable computer known as Google Glass is still a bit of a novelty, industry experts are predicting by 2020 the Glass or similar devices will be as commAlready, West Virginia and Delaware lawmakers are introducing bills that would ban wearable computers while operating a motor vehicle.  New York may not be far behind as anxious lawmakers who believe the new technology could lead to more accidents.

Distracted driving laws are already in effect in New York

As of  June, 2013, New York has put distracted driving laws  in place and the tickets come with a hefty fine and even license suspension in some cases.  So, a device that requires the preoccupation of one of your eyes, which greatly affects your depth perception is  something that can contribute to distracted driving.

Although Google Glass is currently in limited release, the headset computer could be on the mass market as early as next year.  If that were the case, considerably more people could be wearing them while driving.on as cell phones.  And the device could well join handheld cell phones andtexting as taboos while driving.

The new device is multifunctional and users can use it to:

  • Make phone calls
  • Send emails
  • Take pictures
  • Record video

Additionally the device has a small display that sits to the upper right of the headset requiring the wearer to look up and provides one more reason to look away from the road.

A recent study released by AAA study reported that operating a car while using a cell phone reduces brain activity related to driving by 37 percent.  And texting drivers are eight times more likely to get into a crash or almost crash compared to non-texting drivers.  With the added functionality of wearable computers, drivers could be even further distracted.

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