Over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge

We have eight lawyers, and we use that combined knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

A long track record of local success

We believe you need to choose a law firm that has achieved success in the courthouse your case will be decided in.

Resources to take on insurance companies

Our financial capacity to advance the high costs of litigation allows us to use an array of resources and increase your chances of recovery.

Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

Has an accident turned your life upside down?

Life is a wonderful thing and no one ever thinks devastating events are going to affect them or their family. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good and honest people every day. All it takes is one moment of distraction. A driver takes his eyes off the road and slams into your car. A company tries to cut costs by using cheaper materials and their product blows up in your face. Suddenly, your normal life turns into a nightmare in just a few seconds.

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Sitting down in your favorite easy chair was something you never had to think about before. Now, even the simplest movement can cause excruciating pain. When an individual or business's negligence causes serious personal injury, you need the best legal help available to prove liability and recover damages for the harm you have suffered.

How do I know if I can get my medical bills paid if I am in an accident?

At Rosenberg & Gluck, personal injury is all we do. Our partners have decades of experience in helping clients who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others. Because our firm is dedicated to providing legal advice and guidance to people who have suffered unjustly due to negligence, we represent clients in a broad scope of personal injury accidents.


Injury Is
All We Do

Other law firms practice many different areas of law. We focus all of our attention on personal injury, and it has allowed us to become very good at what we do.


Legal professionals
often refer clients
to us

Former clients, judges, insurance company adjusters and defense attorneys refer their injured friends and relatives to our firm for representation. We consider this the biggest compliment we could possibly receive.


We are always prepared to go to trial

In building our cases, our attorneys often employ experienced private investigators to accumulate critical background information, obtain statements and conduct research vital to a well-prepared case.


We love doing
what we do

We don’t believe you can be really good at something, unless you love doing it. We love the opportunity to fight for the little guy every day.


Our relationships really matter

We draw upon a nationwide network of recognized experts, including: doctors in all specialties, private investigators, safety experts, engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, economists, and more.


Small firm service, big firm results

We are dedicated to providing each and every client personal attention through the entire legal process.

Over the years we
have seen, repeatedly,
how negligence has devastated lives,
not only for the
injured, but also
for their families.

The burdens of pain, medical expenses, lost income and rehabilitation, have sentenced many personal injury victims and their families to a long struggle of rebuilding lives that are forever changed.

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If you are injured, getting medical care and treatment is your number one priority. But the next step is choosing a qualified personal injury attorney to protect your interests and make sure that those who harmed you compensate you for the damages they caused.

The attorneys at Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP care about your future and stand ready to fight for your legal rights. We will aggressively pursue compensation for your losses, when you are seriously hurt or have lost a loved one because of someone else's negligence.




$25.4 Million Dollar

Teenager injured in car crash

We recovered $25.4 Million for a 17 year old who was severely injured in a car crash. Our client was struck by a driver who had been drinking but only had $25,000 in insurance coverage. We were successful at trial in holding the county accountable for a dangerous intersection they should have modified years before the accident occurred.

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$9.5 Million Dollar

Wrongful Death

We tried a wrongful death case for six weeks and obtained a verdict of 9.5 million dollars in Nassau County. This hotly contested case was defended by three of New York’s premier defense lawyers. The verdict was three times as much as the defense offered during deliberations.

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