What Are The Most Common Injuries From Slipping On Ice?

The most common injuries people suffer when slipping on ice include back injuries and broken bones.

The most common injuries from slipping on ice include back injuries and fractures. Cuts and bruises are common in minor falls, while more significant injuries are possible in serious cases. This could include spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

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The Severity of Injuries from Slipping on Ice Can Vary

Injuries resulting from slipping on ice can be minor. Many cause bruising and soreness but do not require immediate medical care. However, falls can also lead to medical emergencies, expensive emergency department visits, and even cost time at work. In rare cases, injuries may be permanent.

A broken wrist occasionally requires surgery, although a doctor can often set the break and apply a temporary cast or brace. You may need to see an orthopedic doctor to monitor the healing process, though. Physical therapy may be necessary, as well.

While this is a relatively minor injury compared to a serious back or a head injury, you may miss work as a result. A broken ankle could keep you off your feet for six to eight weeks, meaning you could miss two months of work. As such, the expenses and losses related to this type of injury can add up fast.

You May Have a Case Against the Property Owner

Property owners must exercise “reasonable care” to ensure their property is in a safe condition for anyone who visits. If ice and snow accumulate on their stairs, sidewalk, or parking lot, they must shovel, salt, or take other measures to protect visitors.

However, there are certain exceptions. Since Assaf v. City of New York, case law has shown that a landowner’s duty to remove hazards related to weather “is suspended while the storm is in progress, and does not commence until a reasonable time after the storm has ended.” To this end, the owner of the property where you fell may not be responsible if your fall occurred during a blizzard or other weather event.

If you fell on someone else’s property because of ice or snow, you may have a case for compensation. Our law firm could help you seek a payout based on the property owner’s failure to remedy the unreasonably slick and dangerous condition.

Pursuing Compensation After a Slip on Ice

Premises liability attorneys from our firm are familiar with slipping on ice cases in New York. These can be difficult claims to prove, but we can help you identify important supporting evidence and value your damages. You may be eligible to pursue a payout for damages that include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Follow up appointments and physical therapy
  • Lost wages if you miss work
  • Future medical costs, as needed
  • Pain and suffering damages

We believe you should not have to pay a retainer to get an attorney working on your case. Our personal injury lawyers represent injured clients based on contingent fees, meaning you owe nothing unless we secure your financial recovery.

In general, you have up to three years to file suit under NY CVP § 214. There are exceptions to this deadline, though. This includes when your fall takes place on public property, such as at a public library or in a park. The deadlines usually come much sooner in these cases.

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