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In less time than it takes to read this sentence, you could be involved in a traffic accident. It happens to drivers everyday throughout the state of New York. One thing that’s faster than the eye; however, is the vigilance of traffic cameras. But can you rely on these red light cameras to record the critical time when a moving violation takes place across Long Island?


Find some helpful information and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding traffic and red light camera footage below:

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What is Nassau County’s Red Light Camera Program?

Failure to stop at a designated stop sign or red light is the cause for an alarming number of red light related incidents each year — many of them resulting in major accidents. This program and the laws that accompany it are in place to try to help with stop light safety by changing the behavior of drivers who take a casual approach to these laws.

To this end, red light cameras have been installed at select intersections; not only in Nassau County, but throughout Long Island.

Based on data collected by the Institute for Highway Safety, red light running has been a continual problem, but Nassau County’s program has shown a significant reduction in those numbers.

How do red light cameras work in Nassau County?

Are all intersections recorded?

Are one of these new red light cameras recording you? For the most part, no. A red light camera typically only becomes active and begins recording media when its sensors detect drivers running a red light or making an illegal turn. That’s when a red light camera becomes active.

Examples of violations that can trigger a red light camera would be:

  • when a driver passes the stop line and goes into the intersection on a red light
  • a driver who turns right at a red light or stop sign without first coming to a complete stop
  • if a driver makes a left turn after the light has turned red
  • when someone makes a right turn at a stop light signposted “no right on red”

Here is where a traffic camera differs from a red light camera. Traffic cameras are positioned throughout Long Island at intersections and along roads, and are there primarily to monitor traffic flow.

Officials can monitor these intersections and may capture some data to review for public safety reports. So the chances that you had an accident in New York when footage was being gathered for a public safety report is unlikely.

How to Access Traffic Camera Footage in Nassau County

To view video or images of your violation, you can go to the county’s website at their violation information page. Here, you can also pay your fines (plus an additional $6 online processing fee). You’ll need to follow the online prompts by entering the number on your ticket and the accompanying PIN code that came with it.

According to the Photo Enforcement – Red Light Camera Program site, in Nassau County, video and images of violations captured by red light cameras are exempt from Public Freedom of Information Requests. As a result, this information is not released to the general public. A driver may still have the right to this footage, and would have a much better chance of obtaining this material with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

A driver who still wishes to get this footage can contact:

General Counsel – Video Request
16 Cooper Street
Hempstead, NY 11550

You can also phone them with questions about your violation, or your payment at: 1-855-571-5134.

Before contacting this office with your request, make sure you have the location (intersection or the name of the road), as well as the date and time where your violation or crash took place.

Another option is to make your way in to the office to pay your fine in person, or by mailing a check to:

Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency
16 Cooper Street
Hempstead, New York 11550-4063

Drivers wishing to challenge their violation must schedule a hearing prior to the due date on their ticket. Failure to appear for a requested hearing will result in a default conviction and add an additional $75 to the fines and fees on each ticket.

For Red Light Camera Violations issued to a business, the driver cannot represent the company at a hearing unless a notarized authorization from the business entity is presented.

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How can I tell if the intersection where my accident occurred has a red light camera?

Nassau County Local Law 12-2009 as amended by Local Law 19-2018 requires that signs be installed at intersections where photo enforcement is in effect. The law goes on to state; however, that if the county has taken reasonable effort to install and maintain the signs, that liability on the drivers’ part will not be dismissed because a sign is missing from a particular location. It may be a good idea then to treat every intersection as though it had cameras.

Traffic Camera Video and Your Car Accident Case

Do insurance companies get camera footage?

Insurance companies have no more rights to your footage than you do. All of the avenues that these attorneys use to obtain camera footage are also available to you and your lawyer.

How can a lawyer help me?

A knowledgeable lawyer can streamline the process and help you exercise your rights to a fair settlement after you’ve been in an accident.

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