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Mass Tort Litigation Lawyers

When a product such as a pharmaceutical medication or medical device causes serious harm, consumers and patients suffer. Some may never fully recover from the effects. Mass tort cases involve multiple claimants who experience serious problems from a product defect or improperly labeled hazard. At Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP, we handle all mass tort cases that cause severe injury or death.

What Mass Tort Litigation Means for You

There are few people we trust more than our physicians, but they are only as effective as the tools they use. When a medical device that is meant to make your life better causes irreparable injury or suffering, you should be compensated for your pain and the changes to your life. Sometimes, this is a failure of a medical device, and sometimes it is medication that contains side effects that you should have known about.

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Unfortunately, the devices doctors and medical companies use are often sold in batches, and if one has malfunctioned it may mean the entirety of the lot is faulty. You may not know that the device that harmed you has harmed others, and if that is the case, someone should have known about it before it reached you. The same is true with medications. It is unlikely that the adverse effects you experienced after taking a prescribed medication caused harm only to you. Consulting with an attorney about your specific case is the best way to discover if your incident should be, or already is, part of a mass litigation.

A recent example in the news has been the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The company is being sued by women who developed ovarian cancer after using one of its products. One Alabama woman was just awarded $72 million in damages. Her win will likely affect the hundreds of other women who are pursuing a mass tort against the company.


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Pursuing Mass Tort Claims

When you contact Rosenberg & Gluck LLP for a free case evaluation, you may not know if your claim is a mass tort. Tell the attorney if you believe other individuals have experienced the same problem with a product or medication. If you or your attorney has reason to believe that other individuals have suffered, your attorney may do some research to see if a mass tort claim makes sense.

Working alone or with a group of attorneys, your claim will move forward in much the same way as a single-claimant case would. After discovery, your attorney will work collaboratively with other claimants to uncover all the evidence needed to prove significant harm. The defendant may settle the case out of court, or you may have to go to trial. The court will hear the details of every plaintiff’s claim and award damages on an individual basis.

Mass tort cases can take time to build, and often require a strong support staff and resource network. Not every firm that advertises class action or mass tort experience has the ability to obtain a fair settlement on your behalf. Rosenberg & Gluck LLP has the skills, the team, and the resources needed to represent any claimants who come to us with mass tort concerns.

Finding a Mass Tort Litigation Lawyer You Can Count On

If you experience any injury or harm because of a problem with a medication or product, you do not have to suffer with the consequences. “Buyer beware” does not cover manufacturer negligence. Our team handles all mass tort claims on a contingency-fee basis, meaning we don’t secure payment unless we secure damages for our clients.

Reach out to the team that understands mass torts in New York and across the country. Rosenberg & Gluck LLP is ready to fight for you. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.



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