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If you were a pedestrian and received injuries in a collision, you may have the right to compensation.

As a pedestrian, you are subject to a certain set of risks that those with the protection of a vehicle are not. Pedestrians also carry some unique rights that serve to protect them in the event of a crash or mishap. Driver errors, lapses in attention, and reckless maneuvers represent some widespread causes of motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents. If you or a loved one suffered personal injuries in a pedestrian crash, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation for your losses.

A pedestrian accident lawyer serving Smithtown from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. will seek justice on your behalf if you were injured in the collision. Our attorneys will look at various forms of evidence to determine the cause of the collision as we establish a liable party and pursue any forms of compensation that you may be eligible to recover. To learn more about how a lawyer can help you, contact our office today by calling (631) 451-7900.

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The Risks of Pedestrian Collisions

When you are walking along a street, or on a sidewalk, you are vulnerable to several risks. The unpredictable behavior of drivers can cause collisions that create irreparable damage for pedestrians and other motorists alike. Many crashes involving pedestrians even result in a wrongful death. The risks that pedestrians face are multi-faceted. While safety is never guaranteed, there are some actions that pedestrians can take to decrease the odds of a collision.

When approaching an intersection, pedestrians should always be aware of their surroundings. Intersections are some of the busiest areas on a road, and as such, the likelihood of collisions is elevated in these areas. According to information from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), many collisions across the United States can be attributed to some form of driver error. As a pedestrian, it can be risky to walk on sidewalks and across intersections where drivers are navigating the streets. Human errors such as lapses in attention and slow reaction times can be the difference between life and death in some cases.

Intoxicated drivers are known to demonstrate dangerous behaviors behind the wheel. Depth perception, judgment, and spatial awareness, all skills that are needed to safely operate a motor vehicle, are often absent when a driver is inebriated by alcohol or other drugs. Driver intoxication often proves to be deadly for any pedestrians in the vicinity of an impaired driver.

Distractions such as cell phones and rowdy passengers can also spell trouble for pedestrians. When approaching crosswalks and intersections, drivers have the responsibility to behave cautiously. A driver is expected to abide by traffic signals and yield the right of way when appropriate. Drivers who are distracted often lack the awareness needed to conduct these basic actions. Unfortunately, many innocent pedestrians are often affected by these careless behaviors.

If you were injured by the reckless actions of another party, then you should not be stuck paying for your medical bills and other expenses on your own. A pedestrian accident lawyer serving Smithtown from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. will work to establish liable parties and hold them accountable for their behavior. Our legal team can work to collect evidence, negotiate for a settlement, and represent you at a trial if need be. Contact us today at (631) 451-7900 to speak to a legal representative in our office.

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How New York Law Impacts Auto-Pedestrian Crashes

There are many federal and state laws that can affect the outcome of your auto-pedestrian crash. Right of way laws, for example, bear a particular relevance on cases involving vehicles and those on foot. Drivers have the responsibility to yield the right of way to pedestrians in most situations. When they fail to do so, they are usually at-fault under the law.

Some state-specific laws also come into play when you suffer a personal injury. For example, the statute of limitations outlined in New York Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) § 214 states that you generally have a period of three years after an accident to file a lawsuit. If you do not act within this timeframe, then you forfeit your right to legal action after a crash. There may be exceptions that shorten the deadline, such as suing a municipality or when bringing a wrongful death claim. Pedestrian accidents can leave you injured and feeling confused, but it is important to remember that state-specific laws such as these may impact the outcome of your personal injury case.


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If you were the victim of a pedestrian accident, then you may be left with numerous questions and difficulties. How can you traverse the legal system to seek justice? Will you be able to cover the costs of your medical bills and other expenses? These questions and others are natural, and while they may lead to some great uncertainty in your life, they can also guide you towards a path forward. When a pedestrian accident attorney is on your side, they will address your concerns and lead the efforts towards justice for you.

A pedestrian accident lawyer serving Smithtown from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. is here to help you with any legal issues that may arise for you after an incident. When we take you on as a client, we will work for you so that you do not have to worry about your legal struggles. Our legal team will correspond with other parties involved in your incident, collect evidence, and interpret the law as we advocate for your position. Our lawyers will update you and your loved ones as we seek to determine your eligibility for financial compensation to cover the costs of your medical bills, compensate your pain and suffering, and other losses. We are also able to assist clients in Spanish. Call (631) 451-7900 to learn more about the legal options that may be available to you.


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