Assignment of Fault is Clear Cut in Certain Car Accidents

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP

In a news conscious world, we read or hear about car accidents every day. Recently, a head-on collision took the life of a driver going the wrong way with his lights off on the Long Island Expressway around 4:00 AM. ESPN reported that Bronx Promoter, Joe DeGuardia considered himself incredibly lucky to survive the accident. Both cars were totaled and landed about 150 feet from the spot where they collided. However, his brand-new Mercedes’ airbag deployed and he was able to walk away from the wreck.

Another man, also a Long Island driver but in a different accident was not as fortunate. The Fairfax Times reported that a pickup truck crossed the median into oncoming traffic, hitting his car straight on. This driver whose car was hit, Douglas F. Schneiderman, died at the scene and his wife and 16-year old daughter along with the driver who crossed the median suffered serious injuries and were all hospitalized.

Both accidents were head-on collisions, and establishing which driver was at fault was a clear-cut matter in both cases. In both incidents, the drivers traveling the wrong direction down the road were at fault.

It is likely that Joe DeGuardia’s insurance was full coverage and that the insurance company will pay to replace his new Mercedes and pay for any injury damages.

The Schneiderman family may be able to pursue a car accident and wrongful death lawsuit to recover the extensive damages they experienced, including the loss of their loved one. Our hearts go out to families who suffer this type of tragedy.
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