I Want To Change My Lawyer. What Steps Do I Have To Take?

If you want to change your lawyer, some steps you can take include:

  • Consulting another personal injury firm
  • Informing your current attorney about your concerns
  • Writing a termination letter to your current lawyer
  • Signing an agreement with your new lawyer

Our team can guide you through this transitory process to help make it as smooth as possible. If you retain our legal services, you can rely on us to manage your case from start to finish. We will gather evidence, negotiate a settlement that covers your damages, and maintain communication with you throughout your case.

How to Change Your Current Attorney

Changing your attorney does not have to be intimidating. Here are the steps you should take if you are interested in firing your current attorney and hiring a new one:

Meet with Another Personal Injury Firm

Consult a new personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You do not want to risk missing important deadlines while you are searching for a new attorney.

During this meeting, you will also be able to find out how fee splitting might work in your case and if the firm would be willing to take on your personal injury claim at this stage.

Address Your Concerns with Your Current Attorney

Speak with your current attorney about the concerns you have before you terminate them.

Depending on your reasons for wanting to switch lawyers, your current attorney may be able to make adjustments to their representation, communicate with you more often or effectively, and otherwise help you build confidence in their representation.

Send a Termination Letter to Your Attorney

If your lawyer does not take the steps you need, it is time to write your termination letter. You do not need to follow any sort of specific template—just simply state that you are no longer in need of their services and that you are terminating them.

Make sure to keep a copy for yourself, and provide your new lawyer with one, too. That way, they can ensure that your current attorney is compensated fairly for their services if you settle or win your case.

Sign an Agreement with Your New Lawyer

You will sign your new representation agreement and provide your new personal injury lawyer with any other necessary forms that they may need to resolve your case. At that point, you should not have to worry about ever having to communicate with your current personal injury lawyer again.

The process for terminating your personal injury lawyer may make you anxious. However, the sooner you fire your current attorney, the sooner your new attorney can get started on your case.

Ultimately, getting the compensation you deserve should be your top priority. If your current attorney is not handling your case as they should, make sure you get a personal injury lawyer who will.

Costs of Switching Your Lawyer

One of the biggest concerns people have when they want to switch personal injury attorneys is the cost. When you switch attorneys in the middle of a case, the reason matters. For example, if there is any type of legal misconduct or ethical issues present, your previous attorney may not be entitled to collect any compensation at all.

However, if they are not guilty of any misconduct, then they may still be entitled to take a limited fee under your existing contract.

At that point, your current lawyer and your new lawyer will be able to take their fee when your case is resolved.  It is important to know the attorney fee will not be greater even though you are switching lawyers.

How Will Changing Your Attorney Affect Your Case?

Changing personal injury attorneys at any time after your case has already begun is sure to have an impact. The extent of it will vary depending on how far into your case you are, your reasons for switching attorneys, and other factors.

It may take longer for your insurance or tort claims to be resolved when you switch attorneys, but working with an unqualified or irresponsible lawyer could hurt your case more. It is in your best interests to switch attorneys as soon as possible once you realize that your current legal counsel is not meeting your needs.

When Is the Right Time to Change Your Lawyer?

You have the authority to end your relationship with your attorney for any reason, and at any time. Even if you previously signed an agreement to work with that personal injury lawyer, you have the right to terminate them.

However, you may not be sure whether you’re justified in wanting to switch lawyers. Here are a few reasons when you will know it’s the right time to switch to a new personal injury attorney:

  • Your lawyer isn’t returning your phone calls.
  • Your lawyer isn’t taking action to resolve your case in a timely manner.
  • Your attorney is asking you to pay unreasonable out-of-pocket costs.
  • Your attorney is asking you to get your own medical records or evidence after your contract has been signed.
  • Your attorney is refusing to or can’t answer your questions.
  • Your attorney is rude to you.
  • Your lawyer has been arrested on criminal charges.
  • Your attorney has been in trouble for ethical reasons.

If you have concerns, speak with your lawyer about their representation and how they can help you feel more confident in representing you before you make the decision to terminate your agreement.

Get Help from a Lawyer at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. Today

No one looks forward to the conversation where you let go of your attorney. However, once you take the steps to end that relationship, you can get the legal help you had been hoping for.

You can discuss the details of your personal injury case when you get in touch with the team at Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P. Call our office at (631) 994-1910 for your free, no-obligation consultation today. We work on a contingency-fee basis and can serve you in Spanish if that is your preferred language.

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