Car Accidents and Cameras Can They Help Your Case

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP

With more and more actions today being caught on film ― whether a cell phone video, traffic camera or dash camera ― you can often fight the “your word against mine” arguments in accident cases.

You may not realize it, but New York has hundreds of traffic cameras. The Long Island Exchange has a full list of where all traffic cameras are located in Long Island, ranging from Cross Island Parkway, Grand Central Parkway and the Long Island Expressway to Meadowbrook Parkway and various other mainstream routes. It also lists some cameras in New York City. Police cars have used dash cams for years to record evidence in traffic cases. Increasingly, consumers are also mounting dash cameras in their cars to protect their rights in accident cases, which helps them hold down their insurance rates because insurance carriers try to assign them fault. Even dash cams that record in total darkness are available.

In a serious accident case, when the collision is caught on camera, you can often prove that the other driver did in fact run the red light or failed to yield the right-of-way when making a left turn or engaged in some other traffic violation. Proving negligence is essential in an auto accident case. Traffic violations point to negligence and provide strong evidence.

Our Long Island personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg & Gluck investigate accidents from every possible angle, gather evidence to determine the cause and identify responsible parties. When necessary we use accident reconstruction engineers for accident analysis, and we welcome evidence caught on camera.