customer inadvertently protected against bizarre rental car accident

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP

Car accidents occur under a multitude of different circumstances, but in this particular instance you could say the rental car company employee “took the bullet” (so to speak) for the customer.

According to the Eagle Tribune, the employee was retrieving a van from the rental parking lot to bring to a customer who had signed up for the vehicle. However, when employee Marian Liz Ruiz, shifted into drive the van instantly accelerated forward 50 feet and hurtled into the Thrifty Rental Car showroom. She applied the brakes but they failed to slow or stop the vehicle. The employee suffered minor injuries to her right arm, leg and back but did not seek immediate medical attention. A witness watched as the employee went to bring the vehicle and saw it plowing at high velocity into the building’s showroom. The police were called and the accident is under investigation.

Unless a car accident involves serious injuries, it is not worthwhile to obtain a lawyer to recover damages. However, in this case, it is obvious that if the Ford Econoline van had become defective while driving on the road, severe injury or loss of life might have resulted. The customer was extremely fortunate, as was Thrifty Car Rental, that the van never left the company’s premises.

In a serious injury case, a law firm would investigate whether the van was a defective product due to design flaws, defective manufacturing, or some sort of failure to warn the consumer. Numerous vehicles are subject to national recalls every year for putting consumers at risk. Failed maintenance would be another possible cause for investigation.

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