why you should hire a car accident lawyer in a multiple car accident case

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP

In a multiple car accident there can be pile ups where a number of cars crash into another. An extreme example is an accident reported by MSN news where 35 cars piled up on the Long Island Expressway toward the end of December in 2012. The multiple vehicle accident killed a 68-year-old woman in a chain reaction that began when a tractor-trailer lost control, crashing into several vehicles. At least three vehicles caught on fire and the first car colliding with the tractor trailer was completely incinerated.

New York is a no-fault accident state, which means that each policyholder’s insurance company covers their damages when a car accident occurs. However, when personal injury damages exceed the limits of auto insurance policies and injuries are severe enough to meet New York’s no fault, severe injury threshold, injury victims can sue other parties for their negligence in causing the accident. When suing a third party, that other party’s insurance company must cover the damages.

The challenges with a multiple car accident are that litigation typically involves a number of different insurance companies, and New York car accident lawyers must be able to prove the fault of one or more parties to bring a case. These types of cases can involve extensive investigation, accident reconstruction and expert evaluation to analyze evidence and determine fault. The more experienced the car accident lawyer, the better chances you have of prevailing in this type of case. In addition to establishing the negligent driver’s or drivers’ fault, your lawyer must provide convincing evidence that your damages meet the New York serious injury threshold.

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