Nassau County Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Bicycling is an environmentally friendly way to explore Nassau County. We have some beautiful neighborhoods to explore, and biking is one way to cut down on emissions and bypass vehicle traffic. However, bicycling on roadways and in traffic can be dangerous, even deadly. The Nassau County bicycle accident attorneys understand the pain and trauma that a catastrophic bicycle accident can cause and are here to help.

Almost 20,000 bicyclists are injured or killed as a result of roadway accidents in the country each year. Bicycles don’t offer much in terms of protection, and it is easy for motorists to overlook bicyclists in urban and suburban settings.

Accidents and Injuries

The most common types of bicycle accidents occur because drivers turn into cyclists’ paths with devastating results. Other accidents happen when:

  • A vehicle fails to give a bicyclist enough room to travel on the road.
  • Vehicles fail to notice bicyclists in their path when backing out of a parking space or driveway.
  • Vehicles are distracted and completely miss seeing the smaller profile of a cyclist.
  • A vehicle driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol fails to follow proper road rules (these accidents are often the most serious).

Less common bicycling accidents that our firm is prepared to handle include cases involving road construction or defects, animal attacks, and when drivers open a door in the path of an oncoming bicycle.

Most injuries affect cyclists’ extremities, with breaks, fractures, and deep lacerations among the most common injuries. Other more serious injuries can occur to the spinal cord and head and have lifelong effects on the victims. Cyclists may lose the ability to ride a bike, either for a short time frame or possibly permanently. In the worst cases, bicycle accidents lead to serious injury and death.

Whether your injuries are moderate or serious, you may be eligible for compensation under the law. Drivers who fail to maintain a reasonable standard of safety on the roadways are considered negligent and may be entirely responsible for your injury.

Contacting an Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycling accident, you’ll need the guidance of an experienced Nassau County bicycle accident attorney to help you determine the potential for a personal injury claim. The attorneys at Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP have decades of experience handling bicycling accident cases throughout New York. Our firm has been in practice since 1983 and we are dedicated to staying current with the quickly changing laws and regulations that govern motorists and bicyclists.

Bicycling laws differ in every state, and when you are injured, you need an attorney you can count on to know the complexities of the laws in New York. Our attorneys understand how bicycles are regulated in our state and the laws that govern them.

Our Firm’s Experience

Our firm’s experience in bicycle cases is strengthened by our attorneys’ instrumental work in changing bicycle laws in the state. Among our notable achievements is an appellate court ruling in our favor that rejected the notion that bicyclists who ride on roadways are assuming the risk of injury. The precedent has been helpful in proving claims in subsequent cases.

A bicycle accident can lead to excessive medical expenses, loss of income and wages, and loss of quality of life, among other effects. It is important to us that you receive the compensation you need to regain as much of your quality of life as possible. Our Nassau County personal injury lawyers can help you recover damages so that you can get back to healing, leaving the bicycle accident in the past.

Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP uses contingency fee structuring so our personal injury clients don’t have to worry about paying legal fees on top of other injury costs. We don’t charge any fees until we have secured compensation on your behalf. Allow us to help you, and we’ll work diligently to ensure that your rights are championed and you receive the compensation you deserve.