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Drivers Must Take Extra Precautions When Driving Near Motorcyclists

Motorcycles are smaller vehicles than standard four-wheel vehicles, and they often get lost in the mix of traffic. This is why it is imperative that drivers take extra precautions if they notice a motorcyclist near them on the road, as collisions can occur by a moment’s distraction.

Some common causes for motorcycle collisions include:

  • The driver did not check their blind spot before merging or changing lanes: Motorcycles do not take up the whole lane, so side-view mirrors do not always capture motorcyclists on the road. A driver must check their blind spot to make sure the motorcyclist is not there before changing lanes.
  • The driver underestimated how fast the motorcyclist was driving before making a left turn: Left-turn collisions are a common form of motorcycle crash. Drivers might not see a motorcyclist approaching, or they might assume they can make the turn faster than the motorcycle can arrive, which could cause a collision.
  • The driver or motorcyclist was intoxicated: Drinking and driving is dangerous for anyone who uses the road, as it can impair judgment, reflex responses, and ability to operate the vehicle properly. Drivers who are drunk may not be aware of their surroundings on the road, putting motorcyclists at risk. On the other hand, intoxicated motorcyclists might be more reckless in their driving and unable to balance the motorcycle properly.
  • The driver or motorcyclist was speeding: Whether the motorcyclist was weaving between lanes at high speeds or the driver was rushing through traffic and did not notice a motorcyclist in time, speeding can lead to sudden collisions, as it reduces the motorist’s ability to stop.
  • The driver was distracted: Distractions exist in many forms on the road and may include texting, reading road signs, eating and drinking, talking to other passengers, looking at a GPS, changing the radio, and daydreaming. These distractions might take the driver’s attention off the road and make them more susceptible to colliding with a motorcyclist while changing lanes or turning.

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Compensation in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycles are treated differently than other types of automobiles under New York’s insurance laws. Per New York Insurance Law (ISC) §5102(f), motorcycles are exempt from the state’s no-fault insurance system. This means that if you caused your motorcycle accident and got hurt, you may not be able to fall back on your own no-fault insurance coverage for compensation for your medical bills or lost wages.

However, if someone else caused your accident, you can pursue a case against them for compensation through a fault-based claim. Because motorcyclists are exempt from the no-fault system, they are not bound by New York’s restrictive “serious injury” threshold to pursue non-economic damages. In other words, a motorcyclist hurt in an accident caused by someone else can pursue compensation for pain and suffering without demonstrating that their injuries meet the normal requirements listed in New York Insurance Law §5102(d).

With a fault-based insurance claim personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to recover damages such as:

  • All medical bills, including costs for ambulance travel and emergency treatment
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as for prescription medicines and medical support devices (e.g., wheelchairs)
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as for prescription medicines and medical support devices (e.g., wheelchairs)
  • Wages you lost during your recovery period
  • Mileage costs for when you had to travel back and forth to medical appointments
  • Reduced earning potential as a result of being temporarily or permanently affected by your injuries
  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience, both physical and emotional
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of quality of life, such as losing enjoyment in hobbies, activities, and personal relationships due to your injuries
  • Costs of household services, such as cleaning, caretaking of children, and cooking

A motorcycle accident lawyer serving Riverhead from Rosenberg & Gluck, L.L.P., might recommend other compensable damages to pursue in your case. If you have other financial or personal losses that were not mentioned in this section, feel free to mention them in a consultation with one of our team representatives, and they can determine whether they qualify for compensation. The first consultation is free, so call (631) 451-7900 today.

Your Lawyer Can Monitor How Close You Are to the Filing Deadline

In New York, all plaintiffs must abide by the statute of limitations when filing their personal injury lawsuits. This statute dictates how long a plaintiff has to submit their case for litigation. If they fail to file their case on time, they might be barred from recovering compensation for their damages from the defendant.

If you are filing a lawsuit about your motorcycle collision, then according to New York Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) §214, you generally have three years from the date of the collision to file your case. However, there might be exceptions to this statutory deadline that could shorten the time frame pertaining to your case, such as a lawsuit against a municipality. You can refer to your legal team for more information about how the statute of limitations applies to your case.

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