Case Results

Long Island juries are notoriously tough on the injured. Select a law firm that has a track record of success in the court where your case will be decided. Rosenberg & Gluck has achieved results in the courthouses of Long Island that few if any firms can match. At the Long Island law offices of Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have a proven record of notable case results.

The following are a few examples of how we have helped our clients:

Wrongful Death

9.5 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Verdict

We tried a wrongful death case for six weeks and obtained a verdict of 9.5 million dollars in Nassau County. This hotly contested case was defended by three of New York’s premier defense lawyers. The verdict was three times as much as the defense offered during deliberations.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

25.4 Million Dollar recovery for severely injured 17 year old in a car crash.

Our client was struck by a driver who had been drinking but only had $25,000 in insurance coverage. We were successful at trial in holding the county accountable for a dangerous intersection they should have modified years before the accident occurred.

2.5 Million Dollar settlement for seriously injured 16 year old in multiple car collision

We were successful in proving that all of the vehicles involved in the crash contributed to the happening of the accident and convinced the insurance companies to offer all of their policy limits to settle this claim.

We tried this case and obtained a verdict of 2.39 Million

We represented a 51 year old worker who was injured in motor vehicle accident when he was rear-ended. Our client suffered from a bulging disc in his low back and torn meniscus in his knee. His injuries prevented him from returning to work. The insurance company disputed his injuries and offered $50,000 as a settlement. We tried this case and obtained a verdict.

We recovered 1.4 million dollars for this client

We represented a 59 year old woman who was driving her car when, a school bus, crossed into her lane and struck her vehicle. Her injuries included multiple fractures requiring surgery. She was hospitalized for 6 days immediately following the accident and remained in a rehabilitation facility for another two months thereafter.

1 Million Dollar Recovery for injury in a motor vehicle accident

Our client suffered an inner ear injury which we argued affected her ability to continue working. We were able to obtain this generous pre-trial settlement for an injury that many would consider insignificant.

$900,000 Settlement

Our client was a woman who suffered hearing loss as a result of a motor vehicle collision.

$850,000 verdict for 86 year old woman

Our client was 83 when her car was struck by another vehicle driven by a 17 year old. She suffered leg fractures as well as a hip injury. The insurance company offered her $150,000 pre trial. We refused to let this woman be treated unfairly and obtained a very favorable verdict.

$740,000 award

Our client was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision at an intersection where he had the stop sign. Shortly before trial, all parties agreed to resolve this matter through binding arbitration. At the arbitration,we put in evidence, produced expert witnesses, offered demonstrative evidence and argued our client’s cause. In spite of the fact that our client had a stop sign,we prevailed.

$575,000 after verdict for 17 year old passenger

We represented a young woman who was a passenger in a friend’s car. The driver slid on ice and lost control. He had only $25,000 in insurance. We were able to establish at trial that a homeowner had been pumping water onto the roadway which caused the road to ice up. The jury determined the homeowner was 75% at fault for the accident.

We obtained a $370,000 recovery for this man

Our 69 year old male client was driving a car when he was struck from behind. He suffered herniated discs which required surgery. The defense claimed that all of his injuries were degenerative in nature and a result of the aging process.

$230,000 settlement for an Undocumented Worker

We represented a 44 year old undocumented worker sitting in the back of a work van. The van was struck in the rear. As a result of the impact, tools and other unattached equipment in the back of the van struck the Plaintiff. Injuries included a rib fracture and a shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgery.

Six-figure verdict

Our client, a 61-year-old woman with pre-existing degenerative disc disease of the spine. The defendant hit the rear of our client’s vehicle, further injuring her but causing only $400 damage to the car. At trial, we were able to overcome the difficulties of a pre-existing back condition and the natural assumption that the impact could not cause serious injury.

Construction Site Accidents

Over 2 million dollars for laborer

We represented a laborer who was injured during his first month in the country while working as a helper for a mason. The owner and general contractor on the job denied any responsibility but we were able to obtain over 2 million dollars for this man.

$1,500,000 Recovery

Our client was a construction worker who was in the process of moving a utility pole when it came into contact with an electrical wire resulting in him being shocked with high voltage. We alleged that the utility company was at fault and were successful resulting in a recovery $1,500,000 for this man.

Recovery in excess of 1 million dollars

We represented a 30 year old man who was working on a ladder and then was found on the ground with a head injury. The client lost consciousness and had no memory of how or why he fell.The client had previously retained four other prominent law firms but was not pleased with the level of services they provided.

1 million dollar recovery for a worker

Our client fell from a ladder while installing an overhead garage door. His boss and the owner of the premises testified that our client was totally at fault but we argued the ladder provided was inadequate. He suffered a broken leg requiring surgery and we were successful in getting him a million dollar settlement.

1 Million Dollar Settlement for Construction Site Accident

This case involved a worker who fell from a ladder and suffered a serious leg injury. We were able to establish that the owner and general contractor were responsible and obtained a favorable recovery.

Seven figure recovery during trial

Our client, a man with a wife and two children, injured his back as the result of an accident at a construction site. He was unable to work and lost everything, including the self-respect that comes from providing for one’s family. The defendants made no settlement offers, so we went to trial. The jury found the defendants to be 100 percent liable. Our client and his family got their lives back. They bought a house, are paying their bills and most importantly, have recovered their self-respect.

Trip and Fall

$1.5 million verdict

We recovered $1.5 million for a waitress with respect to a slip and fall on water at work. We were able to prove there was a recurring condition that caused this accident.

$1.2 Award due to missing handrail

Our client tripped and fell into a stairwell that had a defective handrail. The client suffered back and shoulder injuries that prevented him from going back to the line of work he was in previously.

$900,000 recovery for a man who slipped on ice at Long Island Rail Road site

Our client weighed over 350 pounds and had significant pre-existing low back problems. We were able to prove that the cause of the ice accumulation was a leaking hydrant owned by the LIRR.

$750,000 recovery for man injured at a customer's location

Worker fell off a loading dock and suffered a wrist fracture and aggravated his pre-existing back condition. Although the defense argued that there was nothing dangerous about the loading docks condition, after extensive litigation we were able to secure a $750,000 settlement.

$750,000 recovery

Our client tripped and fell on an entrance step into the coop unit she lived in. The step was one inch higher than the code allowed. The client suffered a low back injury that ultimately required surgery. Even though she had used this step every day for 4 years, we were able to secure a recovery for her.

$650,000 Recovery

Our client fell on broken stairway at work. The client suffered an ankle injury requiring a fusion. We were able to secure a settlement of $650,00 for our client.

$300,000 recovery

Our client was shopping in K-Mart when she tripped and fell due to a ladder that was left in the aisle. She sustained a serious injury to her knee. Prior to trial, K-Mart made a $30,000 offer of settlement. This was unacceptable. Our attorneys obtained a liability verdict for our client holding K-Mart responsible.

Product Liability

$500,000 recovery

We represented a woman who had recently purchased a pitch fork from a national hardware chain store.While her son was using the tool the head flew off and impaled her leg. She developed complex regional pain syndrome and the case was settled.

$95,000 recovery

Our client purchased tiles from a nationally recognized manufacturer and installed them in her kitchen. We claimed the tiles were too slippery which caused the client to slip and fall, fracturing her tibia.


$500,000 recovery

Our client was an accomplished cyclist who was struck by a motorcyclist. We were able to establish that the motorcycle was 100% at fault for the collision and successfully mediated this case for the client.

$225,000 recovery

We represented a 50 year old bicyclist who was struck by a boat trailer being towed by a pickup truck. The claim was that the trailer took too wide a turn and side swiped the cyclist. The cyclist said he was on the sidewalk when this occurred but an eyewitness disputed it and said the cyclist was at fault. The client had a leg fracture required surgery.

Medical Malpractice

Multi-Million dollar recovery

Our client had gastric bypass surgery. He then developed a bleed from the surgery which caused his blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels in the post-anesthesia recovery room. His low blood pressure was not managed appropriately by the hospital staff or surgeon, and he became paralyzed after suffering a stroke of the spinal cord due to a lack of blood supply.

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