Rosenberg & Gluck Case Results

Our client, a 25-year-old woman, was working at an office building when, unknown to her, the rear stoop was removed by a contractor who was going to reconstruct it. While attempting to exit the building she fell and fractured her ankle. The contractor claimed that they had blocked the door with warning tape. The owner of the building claimed that he had warned everyone not to use the rear door. The defendants offered $115,000 prior to the beginning of the trial. We obtained a verdict holding the defendants 100% responsible along with a $275,000 recovery for our client.

Ted Rosenberg entered into a pre-trial settlement agreement for 1.4million dollars for a client who was injured when a school min-bus skidded on ice and collided with her vehicle. The client who was 59 years old at the time suffered fractures . The insurance company for the bus argued that the bus driver was not at fault . Just prior to jury selection we convinced the defendants to double their previous offer.

On May 5, 2010 Ted Rosenberg settled a case during trial for $740,000. Ted represented an electrician who was injured in a construction accident when the staircase he was walking on collapsed. The client was in the process of wiring a new home when the wooden stairs separated from the first floor and fell into the basement. The worker suffered a dislocation fracture of this foot and required three surgeries. The company who installed the stairs went out of business and had no insurance. Rosenberg & Gluck alleged a violation of the NY Labor law and asserted that the general contractor was responsible for the negligence of its subcontractor.

A 42-year-old woman suffered “soft tissue” injures to her back in an automobile accident. Refusing to acknowledge she had suffered serious injury, the insurance company offered only $3,000. Our resolute pursuit to obtain justice for our client led the case to trial, and a Riverhead jury awarded her $140,000.

A 28-year-old man was involved in an intersection accident and suffered a herniated disc. The insurance company denied responsibility and claimed our client had run a red light. We convinced the jury otherwise, that it was the defendant who had actually run the red light. Once the jury acknowledged this finding, the defendant offered $5,000 to settle. We turned the offer down and proceeded to try damages, securing a verdict of $240,000 for this “soft tissue” case.

A 41-year-old ironworker suffered a crush injury on the job. A piece of iron came loose from a structure he was disassembling and it fell on his foot. The defense argued that since the man had caused the accident himself, they should not be held responsible. We were prepared to try the case and were successful in obtaining a settlement of $475,000 just prior to trial.

The client was a 49-year-old man who worked on a highway crew. While sitting in his work truck, he was struck by another vehicle. The accident aggravated his bulging discs
– a preexisting condition – and he also required arthroscopic knee surgery. Except for light duty, he was unable to return to work. The insurance company offered $50,000 to settle. By taking the case to trial, we were able to obtain a jury verdict of $2,390,000.

While staying in a local hospital, a 57-year-old woman developed pressure ulcers, bedsores. The State-run hospital denied responsibility, and we prepared the case for trial. Just before commencement, the State, however, reconsidered its position. They agreed to make a substantial six figure settlement.

A 39-year-old woman and avid bicyclist riding with members of her bicycle club was seriously injured in a crash approximately 65 miles into a 72 mile ride. The incident was precipitated by roadway repairs. Defendants’ motions for summary judgment based on the defense of “primary assumption of risk” were denied. They appealed. We prevailed on appeal and made new law in the Second Department significantly diminishing the “primary assumption of risk” defense. The case settled for a substantial sum before trial.

Our client, a young man with a wife and two children, injured his back as the result of an accident at a construction site. He was unable to work and lost everything, including the self-respect that comes from providing for one’s family. No settlement offers were made by the defendants, so we went to trial on the issue of liability and the jury found the defendants to be 100% liable. After the verdict, we obtained a seven figure settlement. Our client and his family got their lives back…they bought a house, are paying their bills, and most importantly, have recovered their self-respect.

Our client was shopping in K-Mart when she tripped and fell due to a ladder that was left in the aisle. She sustained a serious injury to her knee. Prior to trial, there was a $30,000 offer of settlement. This was unacceptable. We obtained a liability verdict for our client holding K-Mart 75% responsible, and then settled the case for $300,000.

Our client moved his family to Suffolk County from Brooklyn to improve their quality of life. While working one night, he slipped on ice and fell, injuring his neck and back. Unable to work, his dreams of a better life were fading away. Shortly before trial, we engaged in non-binding mediation and secured a $900,000 settlement. Our client’s dreams were restored…he and his wife bought a new home and he is able to provide a better life for his two young boys.

Our client was a 64-year-old woman with pre-existing degenerative disc disease of the spine. The defendant hit the rear of our client’s vehicle, further injuring her back, but causing only $400 in damages to the car. At trial we were able to overcome the difficulties of a pre-existing condition and the natural assumption that a light impact could not cause a serious injury. The jury returned a six figure verdict for our client.

Our client was seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision at an intersection. He was making a left hand turn and had the stop sign. Shortly before trial, all parties agreed to resolve this matter through binding arbitration. At the arbitration we put in evidence, produced expert witnesses, offered demonstrative evidence and argued our client’s cause. The expenses we advanced in bringing this case exceeded $37,000. In spite of the fact that our client had the stop sign, we obtained an award of $740,000.

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