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What Dog Has the Strongest Bite?

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What Dog Has The Strongest Bite

What Dog has the Strongest Bite Force: A Quick Guide to Dog’s with the Strongest Bite The strength of the dog bite usually determines the damage the animal can cause. Dog breeds with the strongest bite force could cause life-changing injuries and even death. A knowledgeable dog bite attorney understands the complexities of these cases […]

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites

Homeowners insurance is a critical safety net for those who own a residential dwelling, providing financial protection against unexpected damages and liabilities. A liability that may surprise many homeowners is dog bites, a common occurrence that can cause significant financial implications. While homeowners insurance usually covers dog bites, conditions, limitations, or exclusions to this coverage […]

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Does New York Have a One-Bite Rule?

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Does New York Have a One-Bite Rule?

When a dog bite occurs, the victim often faces immediate physical pain, long-term emotional distress, the heavy burden of unexpected medical bills, and a confusing legal claim. The laws governing dog bites vary across states, and in New York, they present a unique mixture of statutory and case law. Here’s a brief overview of the […]

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Top Dangerous Dog Breeds

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About Dog Breeds & Dangers

Dogs are often “man’s best friend.” Many of these animals lead peaceful lives as friendly and lovable animals. They pose little threat to their owners or anyone else they encounter. Many breeds of dogs pose little risk of harm, both because of their size and disposition. However, some dog breeds are far more dangerous than […]

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New York Dog Bite Injury Guide

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If a dog injured you or a loved one, you and your family may recover significant financial compensation. First, you must prove the dog owner’s liability for your injuries. You cannot hold the dog’s owner liable simply because the attack happened. Instead, you can only hold the dog’s owner legally responsible after you prove that […]

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How Much Does a Dog Bite Lawsuit Cost?

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You need legal representation after a personal injury. To receive financial compensation, you must go through a legal process involving filing an insurance claim or lawsuit. You will deal with the owner’s insurance company in dog bite cases. However, the system does not favor injured claimants getting the money you deserve without struggle. The personal […]

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What To Know After a Dog Bite in New York

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When out enjoying a walk in the neighborhood and suddenly confronted by a charging, barking, growling dog, the first instinct is probably to get out of the way. Unfortunately, this may not prevent an attack. While dogs are commonly called man’s best friend, all too often, a dog can attack someone with no animosity toward […]

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How Much Can You Sue for Following a Dog Attack?

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How Much Can You Sue for Following a Dog Attack

Suffering an attack by a dog is a terrifying experience and incident that can leave you with painful injuries, scars, or disfigurement. If a dog attacks and causes you harm, you can suffer economic and noneconomic losses that affect your life. In many of these instances, their owner may be liable when a dog attacks […]

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How Long After a Dog Attack Can You Sue?

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How Long After a Dog Attack Can You Sue

The amount of time you have to file a lawsuit after a dog attack varies from a few months to several years, depending on where the attack happened and who was to blame. If you fail to take legal action within that time window, you will most likely lose your right to compensation. Hiring an […]

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What to Do After a Dog Bites You

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What to Do After a Dog Bites You

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, taking immediate action will help ensure your safety, health, and legal rights. The first steps after a dog bite include seeking medical attention, reporting the incident, and documenting the bite. These actions not only help you recover physically and emotionally but also support any potential legal action you […]

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