Accident Reconstruction Through Todays Technology

Author: Michael Gluck

Personal injury lawyers must gather evidence that establishes the cause of an accident so they can identify responsible parties. Consequently, accident reconstruction has always been a fundamental part of building a car accident case.

Today, technological advances are making accident reconstruction increasingly more precise than they were in the past. Through electronic distance meters and computer software used in the Total Work Station system, authorities, forensic engineers, and investigators can create a 3-D image and motion sequences of car accidents. The Post Standard released an article about the Syracuse New York police department’s use of this technology in forensic investigation.

The electronic distance meter is mounted on a theodolite, an instrument sitting on a tripod that surveyors use. It has been adapted for accident reconstruction and works with a prism that investigators or engineers place over objects. An infrared light enables it to measure vertical and horizontal angles. The device also electronically stores the measurement data.

At the Total Work Station, engineers upload the distance meter data into a computer program for accident reconstruction. A CAD software program shows the scene in three dimensions and can provide sequencing that demonstrates how objects were moving when an accident occurred. Reconstruction accuracy far surpasses older methods and is much faster.

What today’s accident construction engineers can do provides accident attorneys with a tremendous advantage when representing clients in car accident cases.

If you suffer serious injury or a family member dies in a car crash, find out about pursuing compensation. Experienced Long Island car accident lawyers can investigate the accident scene and gather evidence that points to the negligence of other drivers or liable parties.