The Aftermath of Sandy Creates Treacherous Driving Conditions

Author: Rosenberg & Gluck, LLP

For many Long Islanders, Hurricane Sandy created a standstill as people stayed in their homes trying to escape flooding and get warm. However, there have also been tragic car accidents. Numerous intersections are without lights and visibility at night is very difficult in areas with power outages.

International Business Times  reported a tragic accident involving a collision between an SUV and police car. Vishwaja Mappa, a 21-year old college student sitting in the backseat of the SUV with other Stony Brook University students died upon impact. The police officer had responded to a storm-related call but nothing had come from it. The collision occurred when the officer was returning from the call and the crash is currently under investigation. The police car did not have the flashers turned on in the cruiser’s light bar at the time. The police officer, SUV driver and three SUV passengers were all taken to the hospital and received medical treatment.

Governor Cuomo warned Suffolk County residents that street lights are out, signs are down and many overhead street lights are not working. He advised that drivers use extreme caution and especially when driving at night and approaching intersections. If at all possible, stay off the roads at night until lighting, signals and signs are restored.

In serious accidents such as this one, a Long Island car accident lawyer  can investigate, determine fault and help you or your family protect their rights and recover compensation for death or injury.

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