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Many Long Island accidents may seem relatively benign, but victims later manifest severe back and neck injuries. Regardless of how you sustained them, these injuries can be life-altering.

If you or a loved one has suffered a painful back or neck injury in Long Island, let the Long Island Back and Neck Injury Lawyers at Rosenberg & Gluck help you recover the compensation you need and deserve. You can receive these troublesome injuries in truck accidents, as well as pedestrian and motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, and virtually any car accident you might experience.

Neck and back injuries range from the relative simplicity of whiplash to cracked vertebrae and even paralysis. Because of the potentially life-shattering effect of neck and back injuries, you must work with a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident to achieve the best possible recovery from your injuries.

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How Can an Experienced Neck & Back Attorney Assist You?

Almost any neck or back injury will have occurred in what may become a personal injury negligence lawsuit. When you have suffered a severe injury in such a case, an attorney can help obtain the compensation you will need to recover from your physical, emotional, and psychological injuries.

When you suffer a personal injury, the negligence of a third party virtually always caused it.

A negligence case requires that the plaintiff prove that:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The defendant’s actions breached that duty of care
  • The breach was the proximate and cause-in-fact of your injury
  • Which caused you to suffer financial damages

After proving these elements, your attorney will handle the payment of the award you receive.

They will pay your outstanding expenses such as medical and hospital bills, keep their share of the award to pay their legal fees, and forward the remainder to you.

Can I Afford to Use the Neck & Back Injuries Attorneys at Rosenberg & Gluck?

Actually, you probably can’t afford not to use an attorney. Most research has indicated that whether your case ends in a settlement or an award, you will do better with an attorney. In any case, most personal injury attorneys take cases on what is known as a contingency fee basis.

Contingency fees are what attorney commercials that say if we don’t win, you don’t pay are discussing. Governed by American Bar Association ethical rules, a contingency fee allows an attorney to take your case without charging you an hourly legal fee.

Instead, the attorney will handle your case, and if the case resolves in your favor, the attorney will share in your award or settlement. The contingency fee agreement must be in writing and signed by you and state the exact fee and cost structure used for your case.

Types of Neck and Back Injuries

Various neck and back injuries are typical in personal injury cases. The attorneys at Rosenberg & Gluck have many years of experience handling cases involving these injuries to bring to skilled handling of your case.

Some of the more common injuries are:

  • Whiplash – Whiplash is an injury that has long been a staple of bad car accidents and lawyer jokes. The personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg & Gluck understand that whiplash, with a potential for lifelong pain and reduced mobility, is no joke. It is an injury that does not manifest immediately and doesn’t present very well. Defendants will often assume that you are faking your injury or pain.
  • Pulled muscles, Strains, and Sprains – Equally challenging to deal with are the pulled and strained muscles that can result from neck and back injuries. With virtually no visible symptoms, these injuries can leave you struggling to move and suffering constant severe pain.
  • Fractured Cervical Spine – Fractures in the cervical spine can range from painful and limiting the movement of your head to causing lifelong severe disability and paralysis. Also called a broken neck, if the damaged vertebrae damage the spinal cord as well, paralysis can result.
  • Fractured Lumbar Spine – A lumbar or thoracic spinal fracture can cause severe back pain that can worsen when you move. However, if the fracture causes damage to the spinal cord, your excretory system may malfunction, and you may even experience paralysis in the lower limbs.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injuries can result from fractures in the vertebrae. Still, they can also happen from the violent tossing and twisting of the body that can occur during any fall or motor vehicle accident.
  • Herniated Disk – A herniated disk occurs when trauma to the spinal column forces one of the cushioning cartilage disks that sits between the spinal vertebrae. The herniated disk is pushed into the spinal canal and presses against the nerve, potentially causing severe chronic pain.
  • Pinched Nerve – Caused when an injury to your neck or back presses a nerve between bones, ligaments, tendons, or cartilage. It can lead to permanent damage and chronic pain.
  • Loss of Sensation – Depending on the severity of your injury, you can lose sensation from a back injury that damages the spinal cord.
  • Loss of Mobility/Paralysis – Likewise, a neck or back injury that injures the spinal cord or even the soft tissues around the neck and back can lead to a permanent loss of mobility.
  • Chronic Pain – Chronic pain is one of the most debilitating long-term injuries from damage to your neck or back. Treatment of pain has become increasingly problematic with limitations on effective drugs, and untreated or poorly treated pain can severely limit your ability to work and enjoy life.

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Signs and Symptoms of Neck & Back Injuries

Long Island Neck and Back Injury Lawyer, Michael Gluck

Many spine and neck injuries do not present immediately and may not be apparent to others even when they are entirely symptomatic. Consult medical professionals who can recognize your injuries and treat you for them.

Many of these symptoms can affect your ability to work and also your enjoyment of life. The loss of earning capacity and the loss of your enjoyment of life are also compensable injuries. An experienced neck and back injury attorney, like those at Rosenberg & Gluck, can help you determine how your neck and back injuries have lessened the quality of your life and what forms of compensation you might seek.

Some of the symptoms to look out for include:

  • Stiffness – Most neck and back injuries will include stiffness as one of the early symptoms. You will find that the muscles surrounding your injury have become tight and don’t want to cooperate when you want to me.
  • Decreased range of motion – You will also notice that you won’t move as flexibly as you usually do to the extent you can move at all. You may be able, for example, to turn your head, but not as far as you have done in the past.
  • Headaches and dizziness – Neck and back injuries can also cause you to have
  • Tingling and Numbness in hands, fingers, feet, or toes – Injuries that impact the nerves in the spinal column
  • Muscle spasms in neck and shoulders – Neck injuries can leave you with chronic muscle spasms in your neck and shoulders.
  • Muscle spasms in the back – Your back may also experience recurring muscle spasms. The spasms can be continual or episodic but can severely impact your overall well-being.
  • Loss of Sensation – If your neck or back injury damages nerves or the spinal cord, it can leave you with more or less widespread loss of sensation.
  • Loss of Mobility – Injuries to the back and neck can cause damage to the nerves that results in weakness in your legs, arms, hands, or fingers. This loss of mobility in these limbs can be debilitating.
  • Chronic Pain – All back and neck injuries can leave you with chronic pain or lesser or greater intensity. Severe chronic pain can be life-altering and significantly impact the pain and suffering damages your attorneys seek on your behalf.
  • Acute Pain – Acute pain is more likely to occur when you suffer an injury and while you are healing. Again, the length and intensity of your pain significantly impact the non-economic damages your attorneys will seek.
  • Pain that Increases with movement – Many back and neck injuries will leave you with pain that worsens as you move, limiting your ability to work and enjoy life.
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control – The loss of bladder and bowel control is another result of neck and back injuries that can bring severe limitations and emotional consequences to your post-accident life.

Common Treatments of Neck & Back Injuries

Understanding the treatments for neck and back injuries can help your experienced neck and back attorney draft a realistic and complete settlement that will anticipate and compensate you for the broad range of expenses that can arise from these treatments.

  • Physical Therapy – Physical therapy involves a series of exercises and movements that help to rebuild muscles and function. Sessions are scheduled for weeks at a time and focus on particular injuries. You will eventually reach a condition that is the best you will achieve. Your attorney will work with your therapists to predict this time and condition and use it to calculate damages in your case.
  • Medicine – Once a medical professional has treated your initial injuries and any accompanying infections, much of the ongoing medical intervention in your case is likely to be pain management. As pain drugs have become more widely abused and thus less widely available, pain management has become more challenging. You may well need to work with pain management specialists and experts who can discuss the impact of your ongoing pain on your post-accident life.
  • Injections – Injections for your neck and back injuries can include pain management but also reduction of inflammation around your injuries.
  • Acupuncture – Alternative therapies like acupuncture can help tremendously with treating pain and mobility issues. Your Rosenberg & Gluck attorneys are acquainted with these alternative medicines and can bring expert testimony to support the appropriateness of this therapy for you.
  • Mazor X robotic surgery – Robotic technology allows your surgeon to avoid performing freehand neck or spine surgery and instead provide highly accurate and state-of-the-art guided spinal surgical procedures. A highly skilled surgeon is necessary to direct this surgery.
  • Cervical discectomy and fusion – Cervical discectomy and fusion is a surgery for removing a herniated disc from your neck. To perform this surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in the throat area to reach and remove the injured disc. The surgeon will then insert a graft to fuse the bones above and below the disc. Again, a highly skilled surgeon will be necessary to perform this surgery, and those fees will affect the amount of the settlement you seek.
  • Laminectomy – Laminectomy is a surgery where the surgeon removes all or part of the spinal bone (lamina). This removal can ease pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots that may come from an injury or a herniated disk resulting from your injury.

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If you or a loved one struggle with neck and back injuries received in a personal injury accident, the attorneys at Rosenberg & Gluck can use their experience and knowledge to help resolve the financial impact of your injuries. We can bring our experience and skill to bear on your case, allowing you to negotiate a settlement or, if necessary, litigate your case.

We know how insurance companies work and know how to respond to their trained and typical responses to claims for neck and back injuries. Let us carry the burden of dealing with these contentious issues and building the best possible case for you to support the best possible settlement resulting in the complete compensation we can obtain for you.

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