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If a scooter crash on Long Island injured you, our lawyers could fight for compensation to cover your medical costs, lost wages, and other damages.

If you suffered an injury in a scooter crash, you likely face stacks of medical bills. Chances are, you have missed work, which has affected your financial condition. On top of it all, you have to deal with the pain of your injury.

You should not have to bear the burden of these losses if someone else’s negligence caused your scooter crash. Our scooter accident lawyers serving Long Island will fight to protect your right to compensation.

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How Much Compensation Could You Get After a Scooter Collision?

As with any personal injury case, the amount you receive as financial compensation for your scooter crash injuries depends on the type and severity of your injuries. Examples of some of the types of damages you could recover in your case include:

  • Doctors’ and surgeons’ fees
  • Prescription medication
  • Emergency transportation
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation
  • Mobility devices
  • Lost income and benefits
  • Diminished future potential earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life

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What Our Lawyers Do to Recover Damages on Your Behalf

After you hire our firm to represent you, our legal team will begin building your case by investigating your scooter crash—its causes and consequences.

By determining the cause of your scooter collision, we can identify the at-fault party from whom we will seek compensation on your behalf. We can build a demand letter that we present to the negligent party’s insurance company by outlining your losses.

How We Investigate the Cause of Your Scooter Crash

Our lawyers can determine fault in your collision by:

  • Reviewing the police report
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Assessing road conditions and lights
  • Analyzing photos
  • Studying traffic light videos or footage from surveillance cameras
  • Working with collision reconstruction specialists

We will determine the sum total of your losses by:

  • Gathering your medical records
  • Obtaining wage statements from your employer
  • Collaborating with experts in the fields of medicine, economics, occupational therapy, and/or psychology

You Will Want a Law Firm with a Long Track Record of Settlements and Verdicts

Scooter crashes tend to generate serious injuries that impact a person’s physical, financial, and emotional well-being. The effects can last for years, if not a lifetime. This is your chance to obtain damages from the individual or entity who caused your collision – or be left carrying this burden yourself.

With so much at stake, consider the value of hiring a law firm with a history of success in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Our Long History of Wins for Motor Vehicle Crash Victims Speaks for Itself

Our law firm taking cases in Long Island has had the honor of achieving the following case results for our clients (among many others):

  • $25,400,000: For a teenager severely injured in a car crash
  • $2,500,000: For a teen seriously injured in a multi-car collision
  • $1,400,000: For a client who suffered an injury in a school bus collision
  • $1,000,000: For a client whose inner ear injury after a car crash affected her employment
  • $900,000: For a client who suffered hearing loss from a collision

While we have handled numerous seven-figure cases, we handle all levels of personal injury cases.  Call us to consult about your situation.

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Can You Afford to Hire a Long Island Lawyer for a Scooter Crash?

The real question to ask is: Can you afford not to hire a lawyer to represent you after a scooter collision? Your injuries have a real financial value. These are called economic damages, and you have a right to recover them from whoever caused your crash. You also have a right to receive compensation for your pain and suffering and other non-economic damages.

Rather than leave money on the table, talk to our law firm about your scooter crash. The initial consultation is free of charge.

If you decide to hire us to represent you in your scooter collision case, you will pay our legal fees only when we recover financial compensation on your behalf – whether in the form of an insurance settlement or a jury verdict.

Long Island Crash Victims Have a Limited Time to File a Lawsuit

If your scooter crash happened in New York, you are bound by CPLR § 214. For a personal injury, you generally have three years from the date of your collision to file a lawsuit.

If a family member died from injuries in a scooter crash, you must abide by EPTL § 5-4.1. You generally have two years from the date of your loved one’s death to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

There may be other time frames that apply to your specific case, and you could have as little as 90 days to act.

Although most scooter crash cases settle with the insurance companies, it is a good strategy to not let the statute of limitations expire in your case. This gives our lawyers better leverage in negotiating a settlement on your behalf. The sooner you hire us, the sooner we can start building your case and negotiating with insurers before you run out of time.

Our Lawyers Know How to Work with New York’s Contributory Negligence Laws

Another element that could affect your case is the state contributory negligence law. NY CVP 1411 acknowledges that many collisions occur because of more than one party’s actions (or inactions), and may include liability on your part.

The state handles such cases by imposing the doctrine of pure comparative negligence. Under this system, the amount of compensation you receive from your damages award reflects your degree of fault for the crash.

For example, consider a scooter collision in which the scooter driver was not wearing reflective clothing. As a result, they are found to be 10 percent at fault for the crash. If the insurance company agreed to a total injury value of $100,000, their settlement would consist of this amount, minus 10 percent. This would make the final settlement $90,000.

Our Lawyers Can Fight for Damages for Your Scooter Crash Injuries

Our lawyers are here to protect the injured people of Long Island. The thought of fighting for compensation to cover your losses might be far from your mind as you strive to recover from your scooter accident injuries.

However, keep in mind that your timing in starting this process could affect your ability to recover damages. Let us take on this fight, so you do not have to.

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