Single Car Accidents Liability

Even if you weren’t in an accident with another car, you can still file a claim for compensation.

You may have options for recovering a payout based on your expenses and losses after a single-car collision on Long Island. Even if your vehicle was the only damaged one and you were the only driver hurt in a crash, it may be possible to identify other liable parties and hold them responsible.

Your no-fault insurance coverage should provide coverage for some of your basic needs, even if you cannot identify other liable parties.

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An attorney with our firm may be able to identify other liable parties

It may be possible that the collision occurred because of a third party, even if no other vehicle sustained damage. There are several ways this can happen, and you could have a case against the liable party if they contributed to the crash.

Another driver

You may be able to prove that another driver caused your crash even if they never struck your vehicle or left the scene after the collision. When a driver changes lanes without looking, for example, they may force the driver in that lane off the road. This is just one example of how a motorist can cause a crash without sustaining any damage to their own vehicle.

You will want to tell the police about the other driver on the scene and work with an attorney on our team to gather evidence that shows negligence and liability.

The agencies that designed, built, or maintained the road

Not all crashes occur because of other drivers. Defective road designs, poor maintenance, and other issues can also lead to injuries. You may have a case against the agencies tasked with designing, building, or maintaining the road.

For example, if rainwater did not drain off the road because of stopped-up drains and you hydroplaned, the county that maintains the road could be to blame.

Other parties

Other parties may also be at fault in a traffic collision. These parties could include companies that own vehicles, businesses or homeowners near the collision site, or others. For example, imagine a dump truck failed to secure a load of gravel, and this caused your crash. The owner of the dump truck might be liable.

Building a case for compensation

Recovering compensation from a responsible third party following a collision requires:

  • Negotiating a fair insurance settlement; or
  • Suing that party and taking the case in front of a judge and jury

Before either of these can happen, it is necessary to take steps to gather evidence and ensure you can support your claim of negligence and liability. These steps, handled by an attorney on our team, may include:

  • Obtaining the crash report, medical records, and other documents
  • Interviewing available eyewitnesses
  • Seeking video of the crash
  • A survey of the collision scene
  • Collision reconstructions
  • Analyzing physical evidence
  • Working with experts as necessary
  • Documenting expenses and losses
  • Estimating a fair value for the case

In a single-car crash, some of these steps may be more difficult than in other types of traffic collisions.

No-fault coverage applies in single-car accidents

Your no-fault policy will cover your basic expenses and losses in a single-car crash. This insurance covers certain damages up to the policy limits, including:

  • Medical care costs, parking, and mileage
  • Limited lost income

However, the only way to recover additional damages and your intangible losses is through a third-party insurance claim or civil suit. This action will require you to identify the liable party and prove they caused or contributed to your collision. This is often difficult in a single-car crash, so working with an attorney is a good idea.

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These are complex cases that could take time to investigate and navigate. You should contact our law firm as quickly as your injuries allow. In general, New York law (CVP §214) gives crash victims three years to sue the liable party. Further, wrongful death suits generally must be commenced within two years of the victim’s death.

Some laws greatly reduce this timeline when the liable party is a municipality or government agency, though. This could happen, for example, if your crash occurred because of defective roads or poor road conditions. Time is of the essence.

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