No Clowning Around on Long Island

Teen Chased at Knife Point. Several School Lockdowns. Police Issue Warning.

The latest clown sighting took a scary turn when a 14-yr-old was chased after leaving Malverne High School in Nassau yesterday, police say.  The teen was approached from behind by a person who was dressed in a purple clown costume with a white mask, red wig and displaying a large kitchen knife.

Creepy clowns are causing great concern to parents, kids and school districts throughout Long Island these past few weeks.   Some school districts have had official lockdowns including Sachem, Brentwood, North Babylon  after scary-clown sightings and online threats made to harm students.

Last week, Suffolk County Police issued an official warning after several reports were made of scary-clown sightings.   It is vital that the community stay calm and understand that most of the reports that have been filed are related to a hoax.  Parents of teens need to keep an eye on their teen’s social media accounts and various hoax accounts they may be following of creepy clowns on instagram, twitter and snapchat.  These online accounts have made serious threats that are causing great concern and heightened security alerts.  Although teens may think this is funny to follow, the threats being made are real and leading to arrests.

There are some cities in the U.S. that are banning clown costumes this Halloween season.  Although this is not the case on Long Island, stop your teens from wearing creepy clown masks during this “clown epidemic” to avoid causing unnecessary fear that may lead to trouble with the police.