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Don’t Ride With A Drunk Driver

We are all too familiar with the dangers of drunk driving – there have been many news stories of late illustrating in gruesome detail what happens if someone drives drunk.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver the outcome of your case may be dependent upon a few things.  For instance, if you were the passenger in a car whose driver was drunk, your case against that driver may depend on whether you knew the driver was drunk.

You may be thinking to yourself – “Wait, I was just a passenger; I didn’t make the driver hit another car / tree / person / building.”  While that may be true, did you knowingly place yourself in a vehicle with a drunk driver?  Even passengers have an obligation to take precautions to guard their safety while riding in a vehicle.

Your knowledge or awareness of whether the driver had been drinking prior to the accident will be called into question.  If you did know the driver was drinking, an issue will likely arise as to whether you were also negligent for riding in a vehicle with a drunk driver.

As with other issues this blog has discussed, this one also has a simple solution:  don’t get into a vehicle with a drunk driver.

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